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How to grow Pepino Melon in Kenya

Always buy potted Pepino Melon seedlings for planting.Given that the plant is herbaceous, it may require support to keep fruits above the ground. In an acre, one can grow about 4000 sticks at a spacing of 3 feet by 3 feet. That means that with a 50×100 plot, one can grow 500 plants.With proper crop management and rains or irrigation when it is a bit dry, every plant can yield at least four mature fruits per month at a time. With the farm gate price ranging from Kshs 30 upwards, one can make at least Kshs 60,000 – per month from a 50X100 plot (OR Kshs 480,000 in an Acre per month) . You can enjoy high harvests during rainy seasons, although the season-less crop does not disappoint at all. Ensure you regularly apply mulch, manure and fertilizer to retain water moisture, and soils fertility.

Health benefits

Pepino melon has large deposits of vitamin A, C, K and B. It is also rich in minerals such as copper and iron which are essential in blood formation and boosting immunity. Potassium in the fruit helps in lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow and central nervous system coordination. Pepino is also diuretic- it accelerates passage of urine, therefore, appropriate for diabetic patients. Most customers who buy are normally following doctors recommendations to eat the melon to boost recovery from a host of chronic infections such as diabetes, cancer, among others.

For orders please Call/Text Deacon Daniel Muguko on 0780 281679

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