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Own A Hustle Free House for Kshs 1.95M Only

own  this hustle free house for kshs 1.95m

  1. Visit our offices
  2. Purchase Plot
  3. Provide House Construction Financing
  4. House Ready in 3-4 Months
  6. Call/Text/WhatsApp Deacon Kamau 0722 281679

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Business Plan Development

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Situational Analysis
Situational Analysis
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Description
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Staffing and Operations
  5. Financial Strategy
  6. Implementation 

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Finance & Accounting Services

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  1. Debt Collection Services at 12.5%
  2. Developing Finance Polices and Procedures
  3. Settig-Up an Accounting System
  4. Internal Control Systems
  5. Training Accounting & ERP Systems Users
  6. Import Declaration Form (IDF) & Import Duty
  7. iTax Returns & Planning

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Marketing Agents

  1. Marketing your products      
  2. Marketing your services
  3. Market rsearch
  4. Product testing                               
  5. Services testing

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Business Name & Company Registration

debt collection services in kenya 12.5

  1. Name Search & Reservation
  2. Memo/Articles Submission and Stamp Duty
  3. Certification of Registration/Incorporation
  4. Debt collection services in kenya 12.5%

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Social Media Marketing

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  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. FB Pages/Groups
  3. FB Ads

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Looking to venture into Strawberry farming in Kenya? Do you have a quarter acre that is idle or you are not happy with the returns? We can guarantee a return of Kshs 50K per Month! This is if you follow our program to the letter. A seedling is Kshs 50 which includes planting it and taking care of it until you start harvesting within 3-6 months! Start with as little as 500 seedlings and multiply them to over 7,500 seedlings within 6-12 months! You sell the fruit and seedlings pap.

Strawberry farming has huge income potential and can easily turn you from a job-seeker to a job-creator or from an employee to an employer in less than 12 months. Strawberries can grow in almost every part of our country Kenya, provided there is constant water supply, stable temperature in the range of 10 – 30 degrees Celsius and you follow our program to the letter.

It takes about 70-90 days for the crop to mature and produce the first fruits. But because the fruits are highly perishable (stays fresh for 4-5 days after harvesting), it is advisable to start looking for market early enough to avoid incurring losses.


There is demand readily available in major urban markets especially among green-grocery suppliers. You can also access a larger market by marketing to companies like Brookside, Trufood, KCC and major supermarket chains. In that case, you will require to invest in good packaging and get accreditation from The Kenya Bureau of Standards.


A quarter (1/4th) piece of land can produce between 60kg and 100kg of strawberries per week and each kilo goes for about Ksh 200 at the current market price. Now assuming your farm produces 75Kgs per week, then that means you can make over Ksh50,000 per month using only a very small portion of your land.

Looking to venture into Strawberry farming in Kenya

Looking to venture into Strawberry farming in Kenya

Moreover, you can increase your farm’s productivity by investing in aquaponics through which you can triple the productivity of your farm to make at least Ksh 150,000 per month on just 1/4th of an acre.

It is possible to recover your initial investment of Kshs 50k (or break-even) within just 6 months of starting the farm!

For training, demonstrations and orders Call/Text/WhatsApp 0722281679

Join the Kenya Urban Farmers Network for more details

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